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Geno2pheno [hbv] 2.0

Predictions are for research use only, we don't guarantee for any prediction!

On submitting below a HBV pol-gene/ surface-gene DNA sequence you will obtain a sequence alignment to the HBV genotype D consensus sequence or alternatively to a consensus sequence of the respective genotype, a list of mutations according to the reverse transcriptase domain of the pol-gene and the SHB protein of the surface-gene and predictions of phenotypic resistance of the respective virus to five antiretroviral drugs. Please note that for reliable predictions the sequences must contain a substantial part of the RT domain.
No clinical decision should be based only on the result of the used algorithm.

1. Identifier
Do not use patient names!
2. HBV sequence containing the RT domain: upload up to 4 files (plain sequence or FASTA format):

3. Sequence ambiguities:
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You will make prediction №324952. Service started August, 2009.